Installing Eye Candy on Ubuntu

Of course, if you use a new OS, you expect the view from the interface or OS that can cool the eyes, and make us comfortable in using Linux is not it? Well, now I will show you a eye candy developed for Linux, which is simply known Beryl.
Beryl is an eye candy that exploit the ability of the graphic card we have, to beautify our desktop display, and provides a effects of extremes on the desktop that we use.
Here is how to install Beryl on Linux you:
  • Open a terminal in Ubuntu you there, and make sure if your computer still connect correctly with the internet.
  • Type the command> sudo apt-get install Beryl Beryl emerald-manager 
  • So there are 3 applications that we install as well.
In using this eye candy does not mean that you direct the graphic card must have a powerful enough to run desktop effects offered by this application.

Graphic card used NVIDIA GeForce highly recommended, because other than that, especially Radeon, you need to do more configuration to be able to enjoy the effects of Beryl's desktop.

Tutorial on installing Beryl graphic card NVIDIA GeForce than you can see on the internet, usually many of the problems that occur on the graphic cards than NVIDIA.