Linux Network configuration

Okay, after you install Ubuntu Linux 7.04 with both, then you need to configure your Linux for the first time. Linux is very much dependent with an internet connection available, because as we know, all the applications and updates from Linux is available online, this may be because almost every day of the Linux update online. Remember that Linux is Open Source.

You need to know, for Ubuntu you have to install GNOME Desktop Manager. Desktop Manager is a desktop display for Ubuntu Linux itself. Linux has a lot of desktop manager, such as KDE, GNOME, and XCFE.
  1. Log in to Linux using your username and password.
  2. If already logged in, edit the IP Address is your network
  3. As an example we will use the IP Address and Proxy, University of Indonesia ( port 8080). Do not forget to pass by a proxy for, a local web, including this note with the goat, as repos
  4. After the pitch set correctly, go to terminal (GNOME)
  5. Type the command> sudo gedit /etc/apt/source.list, enter your password when prompted enter the password. 
  6. Edit source.list who have become ...
    deb feisty main restricted universe Multiverse
  7. Then, give comments on the list the other with the # sign in front of it .. eg # deb feisty main restricted universe Multiverse.
  8. After editing of source.list, then save it file and exit, and go back to the terminal that we have been open before. 
  9. Type> sudo apt-get update, to update its  
  10. At this time we are connected directly to the property of goat rpositori University of Indonesia
  11. The installation can be done using the terminal or using the standard GUI (Graphical User Interface) is now used by most Linux users beginners. 
  12. Before we install the application, note that the site already Benar2 not use the proxy again. 
  13. Then type the command> sudo apt-get upgrade to update your Linux now has become a Linux-an upgrade to the latest found in the Repo Kambing. 
  14. This process is a bit of time to eat, when the Ubuntu Linux installer that you still use the old. 
  15. Good Luck!