Intalling Dual boot OS Ubuntu 7.04 and Windows

Linux is used in the workshop this time is the distribution version of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04). Simply just the information, this distribution is the Linux distro in the most rapid growth.
Okay, now let's start the process of installing Linux on our computer.
Before the installation process is done, there are 2 possibilities that may occur.
  • You have installed Microsoft Windows OS on the HD that you want to install Linux 
  • You have the HD is completely empty, and ready to be filled with Linux.

  1. Assume you have your Windows OS, you should at this time the HD you first use a partition software for windows, if you do not want to lose your windows. Software used is usually PowerQuest Partition Magic. tutorial for partition may be taught in the future
  2. Give your HD partition, adjust to the needs of the Byte that you need for your Linux installation, it is suggested there are more than 10 GB partition for Linux.
  3. Partition for Linux that requires 2 partitions, one of them is the primary partition and one swap partition.
  4.  Partition the main there are many types of HD formats, such as ReiserFS, EXT2, and ext3. Highly recommended to use the EXT 3 is the latest technology because of Linux itself, the type and format that is more stable than the preceding-precursor.
  5. swap partition is a partition that is used as Virtual Memory in Microsoft Windows. Large partitions segitar recommended 100 MB up to 200 MB. 
  6. After the partition is done, prepare your Ubuntu Linux CD. This CD can be obtained directly from the repository site ie us online, or you can message directly to the site to its Ubuntu. Restart your computer, and try to boot Linux directly from the CD that we entered earlier.
  7. After the Ubuntu install options appears, choose it.
  8. After entering the installation, follow the step by step that we need to do. All the installation process and step-step we do is almost the same as Microsoft Windows that we use.
  9. Last step is determining the partition Linux we will use, choose the main space in the form of HD format EXT 3, and the rest in the form of a swap.
  10. After that, the installation process will run.
  11. Well DONE ! And you're ready to use Ubuntu Linux as second OS you. Microsoft Windows and you are not missing at all.
  12. Your computer will now become automatic dual boot, which you can use the Windows operating system and Linux Ubuntu, select one of the live 
  13. Happy Testing!